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Are you looking for safe and reliable construction material which is also maintenance free? Plastic lumber manufactured by a Belgian company Govaerts Recycling is the answer! As a sole representative on the Polish market — GABOplast will try to satisfy all of our customers' needs. Since 1995 Govarets Recycling is manufacturing this innovative material under the GOVAPLAST® brand. In consideration of our natural environment all products are created using the recycled plastic waste. Due to the fact that GOVAPLAST® boards are durable, easy to work with and maintenance-free, it is a great material to be used in demanding environment. This material compared with wood is far more durable and safe. It does not bulge or split and does not require any maintenance. Its anti-slip properties are twice as good as in wood, especially in humid weather conditions.


Please be advised that often the cheaper material eg. WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) is less reliable, as the wood flour used in the compound mix is prone to absorb humidity which then leads to a shape and form change. Also the empty core boards are easily bending, breaking and are not long-lasting in general. Only by using the original Belgian GOVAPLAST® products you have a certainty that they will serve you for years without the need of additional and expensive maintenance and care.

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