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A GABOplast company offers their customers exceptional solutions designed especially for water and coastal development. Our main material used for construction is a 100% recycled plastic called GOVAPLAST®. This material compared with wood is far more durable and safe. It does not bulge or split and does not require any maintenance. Its anti-slip properties are twice as good as in wood, especially in humid weather conditions.

We can offer a material which is very convenient in use and nice in touch. GOVAPLAST® boards can be used, among others solutions, in construction of piers, board walks, driveways, terraces, walkways, fencing and even stables! GABOplast company has in offer different, complete solutions for most demanding customers. Thinking about your convenience – we design, build and even service already made constructions, in each case using the GOVAPLAST® boards. In our portfolio you can find: terraces, piers, boat docks and floating docks, marinas, stables, fencing, street furniture, playgrounds and lots of different solutions to satisfy our customers.

Additionally, in reply to our customers demands, we decided to include in our portfolio a conceptual design service of land and coastal structures. It can allow to

develop your ideas in a well-thought way, planned in consecutive stages benefiting from all of the GOVAPLAST® boards advantages. We would kindly like to invite you for a journey to fulfil all your dreams!

Our products have won the
„Golden Construction Pillar”
prize at the 47th International Construction and Interior Design
Fairs in Bielsko-Biała.

Are you looking for safe and reliable materials, which are also maintenance-free? We have a solution!

Material advantages


Sunlight (UV) resistant



Easy to clean


Non absorbing

Environment friendly

Easy to work

Completely recyclable


10 year warranty


Sample application and usage

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GABOplast – a complete solutions for hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs, recreation and sports centers

or even individual customers.

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